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Acting & Drama Classes
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Online Acting Workshop

What makes an actor truly great? The actor's job is to bring a scripted character to life. Acting technique is paramount to anyone wanting to be a serious actor.

Here’s an online workshop for beginners and intermediates to explore the following acting attributes.  

1. An Introduction to Acting: Physical Movement & Voice
2. Introduction to Characterization: Internal & External Requirement
3. Character Building Techniques 1: Back Story & 5 W’s
4. Character Building Techniques 2: Dressing Activity, Imagination & Importance of Music
5. Reading a Text
6. Theatre Games 
7. Performance of Text or Monologue
8. An Introduction to Stanislavsky system of Acting

Fee: 1999 /- person

Deadline to apply is 22nd April 2022.

Contact for More details : 9990164157 / 7042967301

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